Summary Page

The summary page is the main page of the application, displaying a summary of the logging activity. These values are reset at the start of each logging session. A button at the top of the page controls starting and stopping remote logging.

The page is split into three sections:


  • Pending—the total number of locations that have been queued to be transmitted to the remote logging server but have not yet been acknowledge or discarded as having failed.

  • Successes—the total number of locations acknowledged as successfully received by the remote logging server.

  • Failures—the total number of location transmissions that failed, either because of a network issue or rejected by the remote logging server for some reason. The activity log may provide a HTTP error code, especially if the request was received by the remote server but rejected.

  • Locations sent—the total number of locations that have been queued to be transmitted to the remote logging server during this logging session.

Note that pending locations may still be successfully sent (or fail) after logging has been stopped.


This section shows the total number of locations that have been saved to the local database during this session.

Location Manager

These metric counters relate to the behaviour of the Location Manager, which is a service provided by the iOS operating system. The app requests the Location Manager to notify the app of locations based on the criteria configured in the app's settings. This section has been included to assist in analysing the app's behaviour and may be removed in a future release.

  • Location events—the number of notification events received from the Location Manager.

Each time this value is incremented, it means the iOS operating system has notified the app of a location. The app then applies it's own rules to decide whether to record it locally, remotely or not at all.

If locations are not being recorded as frequently as you would like, considering the criteria you have configured in the app's settings, and this figure is not incrementing very frequently, try increasing the Desired accuracy setting to a more accurate value.

Lock Screen and Dynamic Island

On newer iPhones, TripLogger remote version 1.9.0 introduces displaying the logging statistics on the lock screen and in the dynamic island.

If remote logging is enabled, the dynamic island may display the percentage of success messages in relation to the total messages. Values less than 100% will be shown if there are failures. When remote logging is disabled, the total number of locations saved is shown instead.

Long pressing on the dynamic island shows a summary of the statistics, similarly to that which are shown on the lock screen.