About Kitlist

Kitlist allows you to maintain lists of kit that you may require for various activities, such as a vacation or a business trip. Kitlist can also be used for other lists, such as a TODO or shopping list. Kitlist differs from many other list handlers in that it supports a many-to-many relationship between items and categories, i.e. an item may be in many categories and a category can contain many items.

The concept is that you maintain a full list of all items you may require for any activity. Items can optionally be grouped into categories, which may relate to specific trips, or simply be used to group items, e.g. items for hiking, cycling or horse-riding.

Each item may be in multiple categories, so any changes to an item are immediately reflected in all categories that it belongs to. Items can be individually selected and copied between categories.

If you are signed into iCloud, lists are synchronised between your other iOS devices that are also signed into the same iCloud account. Lists on an iPhone are synchronised with any paired Apple Watch.

If you are not signed into iCloud, the app will work on the single device and also synchronise with an Apple Watch. It cannot synchronise with other devices without being signed into iCloud.

Open source implementations of Kitlist for Linux and macOS are available here.