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Unhiding WhatsApp Contacts on Android (Galaxy S3)

  1. Create a backup of the WhatsApp database

    1. Menu -> Settings -> Chat settings -> Backup conversations

    2. Zip up the contents of /sdcard/WhatsApp/ including sub-directories

    3. Make a copy of the zip file somewhere safe

  2. Remove the WhatsApp account from the phone

    1. Home Screen -> Menu -> Settings -> Accounts -> WhatsApp

    2. Select the WhatsApp entry

    3. Click the Remove account button

    4. A warning is display Removing the account will delete all of its messages, contacts, and other data from the device - in my case, it did not remove the messages in the WhatsApp app - but back them up if they matter to you

    5. Click the Remove account button

    6. After a short delay the My accounts screen is displayed

    7. After another short delay, the WhatsApp app re-creates the account automatically and will take a little while to resync

    8. When finished syncing, any of the previously hidden WhatsApp contacts will be unhidden. In addition, all the WhatsApp contacts will be relinked with other contacts in the address book, as deemed appropriate by the app/system.

-- Frank Dean - 11 Mar 2015

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