HTC Desire


This document contains details primarily about the HTC Desire, but also some information relating to Android more generally.

HTC Music Application

Fails to read genre tags that are a name not a number. E.g. if tag is Rock it isn't recognised, but if 17 it is then shown under Rock.

Clearing the Cache

After making any changes to tags, etc. it is usually necessary to clear the cache for the HTC Music application. This can be done by selecting Home->Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage applications->Music then Clear data. It also appears you need to go through a cycle of shutting down the HTC Music application and disconnecting the SD (easiest way is to connect to PC as disk drive) and renaming the folder. It seems you sometimes need to do this twice. You do not need to power the phone down, but that also works. It may also cache data under any names given to folders, so when temporarily renaming the folder to clear the cache, it may be best to rename it to a hidden folder (with a leading dot), e.g.


Note: Clearing the cache results in all playlists being wiped.

Displaying Album Art

Organise album into a single folder. Name the album art file as AlbumArt.jpg


Embedded images don't seem to be supported

Hiding Music Files from Music Player

Note: There was an issue where media player would delete files. Make a backup before trying this solution.

Create a file in the folder named .nomedia - note the leading dot which denotes a hidden file in Unix/Linux. If you are using Windows, it can be tricky to create a file with a leading dot. Saving an empty file in Notepad with the file type set to All Files usually works.


    $ touch /media/disk/quiet/.nomedia


HTC Music application appears to ignore files in a folder named 'ringtones' in the root of the SD card and they subsequently show up in the list of ringtones when setting a ringtone via Home->Menu->Settings>Sounds & display->Phone ringtone

Calendar not syncing

Backup your calendar data (by some means, e.g. Printing Google Calendar) before trying this. It worked OK for me, but I do not know what the 'Calendar Storage' application actually does. Presumably you will lose any local calendar entries that are not synced with the Google Calendar. I would manually make a copy of these entries too.

Go to 'Manage Applications' and select 'Calendar Storage'. Choose the option to 'Clear Data'. Next time you sync, the Google Calendars are re-synced.

Bluetooth Headset


-- Frank Dean - 7 Aug 2010

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