Password Generation


With sophisticated password cracking tools being freely available, a strong passwords is a must.

The following tools (included in the Debian 5.0 (Lenny) distribution) can be used to create strong passwords:

I particularly like apg for creating passwords to be memorised, as it's passwords are phonetically pronounceable. E.g. The following command creates passwords with a minimum length between 8 and 10 (-m 8 -x 10). The mode (-M nC) specifies that numeric symbols may be included and a capital letter must be included. The 't' option specifies that the pronunciation should be printed.

   $  apg -m 8 -x 10 -M nC -t
WyshworfOm (Wy-shworf-Om)
WucavDuOft (Wuc-av-Du-Oft)
LegvootAim (Leg-voot-Aim)
etbytshEj0 (et-bytsh-Ej-ZERO)
votNivOm (vot-Niv-Om)
bydyoksO (byd-yoks-O)

The others are handy for creating passwords to be used within programs etc.

However, there are weaknesses in generating passwords. See Wikipedia - Random password generator for more information and referenced documents, PDF - A New Attack on Random Pronounceable Password Generators, PDF - Correct horse battery staple: Exploring the usability of system-assigned passphrases.


Other Phonetic Password Generators


See for a JavaScript package which Generates pronounceable random words via Markov chains.


A Python implementation producing words that 'sound' like Japanese:

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-- Frank Dean - 07 Sep 2009


  • keeweb - Free cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass

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