One Time Passwords

This document gives a few tips on using FreeOTP to generate one time passwords.




Manually Creating FreeOTP Entries

FreeOTP provides options to add a new URI either via a QR code or by entering values into a form.

Entering the details into FreeOTP manually from a URI can be confusing, as the input field names do not match the URI format clearly. Some examples may help decide which values to use:

  1. otpauth://totp/ISSUER:USERID?secret=MYSECRET&issuer=ISSUER

    Enter as

    Issuer: ISSUER
    ID:     USER_ID
    Secret: MY_SECRET
  2. otpauth://totp/MYLABEL?secret=MYSECRET

    Enter as

    ID:     MY_LABEL
    Secret: MY_SECRET

The Issuer field should be optional, but FreeOTP on iOS (version 1.1) will not let you save it until something has been entered in all three fields. It will accept a single space character in the Issuer field. Additionally, you may need to click in the secret field before the save button is enabled. The value of the Issuer field doesn't appear to make any difference to the generated codes.

-- Frank Dean - 21 Dec 2017

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