Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W


See #LED_Key section for the meaning of the LED symbols used within this document.

General Usage Instructions

Switching On

  1. Press and hold the power on/off key for about 2 seconds
  2. The [G1] LED is show for about 1 second
  3. [G1] and [BT] blink quickly until the keyboard is paired with the phone/tablet (within 5 minutes)
  4. Once devices paired [G1] blinks slowly

Switching Off

The unit automatically switches off after 10 minutes inactivity or when the keyboard is closed.

To manually power the unit off:

  1. Press and hold the power on/off key for about 2 seconds
  2. The [R1] LED blinks for 1 second
  3. The keyboard is powered off


  1. Power on the keyboard
  2. Activate bluetooth on the phone/tablet
  3. Start the Wireless Keyboard application on the phone (On a NokiaTablet, it's 'Bluetooth keyboard' under the 'General' section of the Control Panel
  4. Start the pairing process on the Wireless Keyboard application
  5. When prompted to enter the pin on the keyboard, press the 4 digits of the pin, followed by the 'Enter' key within 30 seconds. You do not need to press the 'Fn' key before entering the numeric digits
  6. Once the devices are paired the [G1] LED blinks slowly

Entering Accented Characters

The manual says to press the accent key first, then the desired key, but fails to describe which is the accent key. If you find out, please update this document.

In the mean time, we'll have to use the internal keyboard to enter accented characters.

Resetting the Keyboard

  1. Press and hold the menu and email keys for 10 seconds
  2. The [BT] and [G1] LEDs will flash alternately for 3 seconds

LED Information

LED Signal                 Meaning
-------------------------- ------------------- 
[G1] interval 1 sec        Power on event
[G1] [BT] rapid blink      Attempting to pair
[G1] slow blink            Paired
[R1] blink 3 sec intervals Low battery warning
[R1] blink 1 sec intervals Change batteries
[R1] interval 1 sec        Power off event


Symbol     Meaning
---------- ------------------------------------- 
[G1]       Green on/off LED
[R1]       Red on/off LED
[BT]       BlueTooth LED
[Fn]       Function key

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-- Frank Dean - 21 Jan 2009