Nokia Tablet


This document contains hints and tips relating to the Nokia N800 and N810 Tablet

OS 2007

These instructions originally related to using the N800 with OS2007 and have been extended to include using the N810 with OS2008

Upgrading with Linux

Extract from

  • PC: Download the Linux flasher-3.0
  • PC: In the same directory download the firmware image
  • Fully charge the tablet's battery
  • Unplug charger and switch off the tablet
  • Connect the tablet to your computer via USB without turning on the tablet
  • PC: Execute as root (or as a normal user with rights to use the USB port):
    • sudo flasher-3.0 --fiasco <FIRMWARE IMAGE> --flash --reboot
  • PC: "Suitable USB device not found, waiting" is displayed on the console
  • Now plug in the charger to switch on the tablet WHILE holding the Home-button (770 and N800) or Swap-button (N810)
  • PC: Watch the messages as the image loads to the N800 after which it reboots automatically -- you're done now!

Package Catalogues

Catalogue Name                   Web Address                                             Distribution     Components
------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------- ---------------- -------------- 
Nokia Catalogue                 user
Nokia Catalogue (3rd party software) user
Kernel Concepts                       bora             free
Maemo                                               bora             free
mg                                                         bora             user other                              mistral          user
maemo extras                                free non-free
maemo extras development              free non-free
FBReader                                         user
Gizmo Catalogue                        chinook          user
  • Combines different repositories into a sources.list. Also notifies you when the different repositories are down.

Activating Red Pill Mode

Go to "Tools > Application catalogue", click "New", enter "matrix" into the "Web Address" field, click "Cancel". Choosing the red pill will activate the red pill mode. Chosing the blue one will deactivate it.

Deactivating Brick Mode

I.e. It's dead, it's a brick...

Nokia advice on boot failure

Becoming root

Various methods are documented. Easiest method involves installing the dropbear or openssh SSH Daemon. Also documents how to remove the password for the root user and enable sudo for 'user' access. After the tutorial to gain root shell you need to invoke 'sudo gainroot'. See old wiki link or the new wiki link

Installing NFS

WARNING: Don't install nfs-common. It will disable the wireless network interface.

Requires root access and osso-terminal to be installed. I didn't have sufficient privileges to install nfs remotely, so had to type the commands using the XTerminal.


OS 2008

Control Panel

  1. Select the applications menu
  2. Select 'Settings'
  3. Select 'Control Panel'

Product Version

To view the product version, firstly open the control panel (see above):

Select 'About product' from the 'General' section.

Phone Connection Wizard

To re-run the phone connection wizard, firstly open the control panel (see above):

From the control panel menu (top left)

  1. Select 'Tools->Mobile operator setup wizard...'

Time and Date Format

There is a bug in the way the locale is set for English.

A workaround, if you're comfortable with another language, is to change the time locale to that language, e.g. French:

cat >/etc/osso-af-init/locale << EOF
export LC_TIME=fr_FR

This will result in dates etc. generally being displayed in French, but at least the time is in 24 hour format ;-)

Or you can just hack the Posix locale data.

Nokia plans to introduce a fix in the Fremantle release which may appear early in 2009.

Formatting Internal Memory Card N810

Backup everything and remove the external card as a precaution.

Make sure the card is not in use. Particulary, check that's it's not being used for virtual memory. Control panel -> Memory -> Virtual.

You need to become root.

$ sudo gainroot
# mount
# umount /dev/mmcblk0p1
# mkdosfs /dev/mmcblk0p1
# shutdown -r now


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-- Frank Dean - 10 Mar 2007