Document Formats


Doxia is a content generation framework supporting a number of lightweight markup languages.

One of the supported formats is APT (Almost Plain Text). This is a nice format in that the source document is quite readable in itself. This isn't quite as nice a format as MarkDown, but currently it seems better supported in terms of output formats.

Whilst the project is primarily used to build Maven documentation, the doxia converter can be run standalone to convert between a number of formats. DocBook and XHTML are among the supported output formats. Other tools support the DocBook format (see CreatingDocuments) providing an even wider variety of output formats.

E.g. to convert an APT format document to DocBook format:

    $ java -jar /usr/local/share/doxia-converter-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar -in README -from apt -out README.xml -to docbook
  • -- Frank Dean - 10 Aug 2009


See MarkDown and PanDoc


-- Frank Dean - 01 Apr 2009

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