Record amounts that are charged to the client on their Invoice under one of the relevant services (e.g. hotel expenses, travelling expenses etc.)

Raise an AP Transaction to the person (you?) who will be claiming back the expense, for the full amount of the expenses to be claimed. Against each amount on the transaction, select the appropriate account (e.g. 5785--Travel, 5783--Accommodation). Enter in the notes the Invoice it relates to. Leave the 'Invoice No' field blank.

Note: You may need to set the AP_amount flag on the account, or even create these accounts if they do not exist. Select 'System->Chart of Accounts->List Accounts' to make changes. Select the account to change, then select 'Expense/Asset' under 'Payables'. The account will then show up in an AP transaction.

Enter a General Ledger transaction for the expenses charged to the client, debiting '4320--Consulting' and crediting each of the appropriate expense accounts (e.g. 5785--Travel, 5783--Accommodation) with just the amounts recovered from the client. Enter the description as 'Expenses recovered from Client' and enter the client and invoice number in the 'Notes' section. Tip: Click 'Update' to refresh the screen updating the calculations and providing additional rows in which to select accounts.

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-- Frank Dean - 28 Mar 2009