Searching Viki


Viki has two search methods:

  1. Jump to Page

  2. Search

Generally, both these functions perform case-insensitive searches. However, if the search term is enclosed within forward slash characters, a case-sensitive regular expression search is performed. By terminating the regular expression term with an 'i', the search becomes case-insensitive. E.g. /viki/i

Jump to Page is intended to find page titles. If only one page title matches the search term, the browser is redirected to the matching page. Otherwise the same term is used to perform a search, as though the user had in fact requested a normal search.

A normal search searches both page titles and the contents of the Markdown formatted source files.

The results of the search are displayed, listing any matching page titles first, followed by a list of all pages which have content that matches the search term. All matching lines from the source file are displayed underneath each page title, together with their source file line number.

Searches are limited to the current Viki web being viewed. E.g. searching whilst this page is displayed only searches documents within the Viki web.

Performing a search with an empty search term displays the index page for the current web.

-- Frank Dean - 23 Feb 2010

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