Creating a Blank Wiki

  1. Make a clone of the Wiki with:

    git clone git://
  2. Delete any unwanted webs, e.g. Business and Tech:

    cd viki
    rm -rf Business Tech
  3. Create a directory for your new web:

    mkdir MyWeb
  4. Modify the Makefile with the active web names:

    sed -i s/SUBDIRS=Tech Business/SUBDIRS=MyWeb/ Makefile
  5. Modify the Apache configuration file to contain only the active web names

    sed -i 's/RewriteRule ^(Viki|Tech|Business)/RewriteRule ^(Viki|MyWeb)/' \

    If using Nginx, make appropriate changes to the rewrite rule documented in VikiHosting.

  6. Commit your changes to Git

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-- Frank Dean - 20 Feb 2010