Location Logging

Start recording locations from the Summary page by tapping on the Start button on the toolbar at the bottom of the page. The text of the button will change to Stop.

To stop logging, tap the Stop button in the toolbar. Similarly the text of the button will change to Start.

If remote logging is enabled, when logging is stopped, the application continues to attempt to transmit any locations that have already been captured but not successfully received by the remote logging server. The app will abandon sending them after about a minute.

If remote logging is enabled, pressing the Single button on the toolbar sends a single location, whether or not active logging is on or off. When this option is chosen, the Single button is disabled until a location is achieved or the operation exceeds the minimum HDOP seek time setting. The GPS is turned on by the app temporarily setting the desired accuracy to Best until a fix is achieved matching the minimum HDOP setting. The minimum period and distance settings are also temporarily ignored. After the send location operation finishes, the settings are reverted to the most recently configured settings.

When the Single button is re-enabled, whether the operation succeeded or failed will be apparent from the count of successes and failures, or by viewing the last successful transmission time and date displayed in the activity log.

In TripLogger Remote versions 1.1.0 onwards, a note can also be appended to a location and sent to the remote server. This is only relevant when remote logging is enabled. Selecting the Note option from the toolbar displays a page where you can enter the note to be sent. Press the Done button to request the note to be sent. If logging is currently stopped, it is started until the note has been sent. Multiple notes are queued and sent as soon as a new location is established meeting the configured minimum HDOP requirements.

Sending Notes

A note can only be sent with a location. If for some reason sending a note fails, it is not automatically retried and needs to be manually resent. Check the Activity Log to confirm whether sending the noted succeeded or failed.

If logging is stopped before one or more notes are sent, they are cancelled. This is to avoid stale notes unintentionally being sent with potentially irrelevant locations next time logging is restarted.

If you are using the Apple Watch, the last successful transmission time is displayed above the buttons in the Apple Watch application. Note that the last successful time and date may be initially hidden. It will be displayed after the next successful transmission of a location to the remote server.