Track Sharing

The track points you record can be shared with another user, by nickname.


Note that nicknames are case-sensitive.

You can limit the exposure of your track points to a point in time that is the lesser of the following:

  • the most recently logged point
  • a maximum time period in any event

The latter period effectively overrides the former, so there is little advantage in setting a most recently logged period of time that is longer than the overall maximum time period.

Click on the Track Sharing menu option to display the Track Sharing page. If you have already shared any tracks with another user, they are listed at the top of the page.

The bottom of the page displays a form that allows you to modify the sharing details of another user.

The form is displayed ready to add another user if you are not already sharing your tracks with someone else. Otherwise click the New button to add another user.

Amend Share Details

To amend the details of a share, select the checkbox next to the appropriate user and click Edit selected. The details are then displayed in the form below the list. Amend the periods and click the Save button to update the list of shares.

Activating and Deactivating Shares

You can activate or deactivate location sharing by selecting one or more nicknames from the list and clicking the Activate or Deactivate buttons.

Deleting Shares

Although deactivating a shared location stops the relevant user from seeing your location history, you can delete the location sharing altogether. The effect is the same other than the nickname is no longer shown in the list. Select one or more users and click the Delete selected button.