About TRIP


TRIP - Trip Recording and Itinerary Planner, is a JavaScript web-based application supporting trip recording and itinerary planning.

The intended use is for a hiker, mountain-biker or other adventurer, to be able to publish and share their planned itinerary, then subsequently log their positions at intervals, allowing someone else to be able to monitor their progress.

In the event of contact being lost, the plans and tracking information can be passed to rescue services etc., to assist with locating the missing adventurer.

The application is open-source and can be obtained here.

The following features are provided:

  • Remote tracking server—client applications such as TripLogger Remote for iOS or GPSLogger for Android can be used to submit locations to the server.

  • Sharing tracks with others.

  • Viewing tracks on a map provided by a tile server, e.g. OpenStreetMap tiles.

  • Creating and sharing itineraries using the Markdown markup language.

  • Using the map, interactively creating routes and waypoints for an itinerary.

  • Uploading and downloading routes, tracks and waypoints for an itinerary as a GPX file.

  • Viewing routes, tracks and waypoints of an itinerary on the map.

  • Splitting and joining routes and tracks.

  • Deleting individual points from routes and tracks.


To access the system, you will need to request the administrator of the TRIP installation to register your e-mail address and provide you with a password.

Thereafter you will be able to login to the system using the provided e-mail address and associated password. The applications uses nicknames to identify users as a way of avoiding disclosure of e-mail addresses between users. In order to share your information with other users, you will need to know their nickname.


Note that nicknames are case-sensitive.