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View iMessage Sent Times

Drag the message bubble to the left. All the message sent times are displayed on the right-hand-side of the page.


Print to PDF

  1. In the app you wish to create a PDF from, e.g. Safari, click the share icon.

  2. Select the Print option.

  3. Pinch the first page of the preview window. If that doesn't work, pinch out instead of in. A full-screen preview should open.

  4. Click the share icon in this new window.

  5. Chose the Add To iCloud Drive option or Import with iBooks


Remote Debugging Javascript on iPad

You need a macOS device to debug Safari running on an iPad.

  1. On the iPad, Settings -> Safari -> Advanced and enable Web Inspector.

  2. Enable the developer tools in the iMac desktop Safari, Preferences -> Advanced, enable Show Develop menu in menu bar.

  3. Plug the iPad into the iMac using the USB cable.

  4. The remote device will be listed on the desktop Safari 'Develop' menu, with a choice of pages on the remote device to view the console output.

Clearing iOS Safari cache

  1. Start debugging javascript on the iPad using an iMac as described above.

  2. Select the iPad by name and the page to debug from the 'Develop' menu on the iMac.

  3. The Web Inspector window opens on the iMac.

  4. Mouse-hovering over the toolbar reload icon shows the keyboard shortcuts for reloading the page. Press Shift-Command-R to reload the page.

  5. Use the Network tab to debug which resources are, or are not, being reloading.

You can also try using the Empty Caches option on the Develop menu of Safari on the iMac.

See also How to force a reload on web page?? for some more suggestions.

iTunes Local Backups

iTunes version 12.7 stores iOS backups under ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup

Playing MP3 Files as Podcasts

Apple Community - How to convert mp3 to podcast


-- Frank Dean - 8 Jul 2017

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