Window Manager's

Selecting which window manager is started by the DisplayManager

Under Debian (Sarge), Show the alternatives with

# update-alternatives --list x-window-manager

where is one of the options from the above command

# update-alternatives --set x-window-manager <path>

Heavyweight Window Managers

  • kde
  • gnome

Alternative managers

  • windowmaker
  • enlightenment
  • fvwm
  • xfce4


  • fluxbox
  • icewm
  • twm
  • olvwm


Configuration programs:

  • iceconf
  • icemc
  • icepref

Under Debian:

  • apt-cache show icepref

Extended Window Management Hints (EWMH)

FVWM supports. Don't know about others.

Running windowless

# startx `which some-x-app`

See Also DisplayManager

-- Frank Dean - 14 Aug 2005