VC++ 5 Commonly Used File Types

Generally Important Files

Extension Common Use
.bmp Bitmap Re-source Files
.c C source files
.cpp C++ source files
.cur Cursor resource files
.def Module definition file for Dll
.dlg Dialog resource files
.dsp Project settings (similar to make file)
.dsw workspace project files
.fnt Font files
.h header files
.hpj Help project file
.ico Icon resource files
.idl Interface Definition Language File
.lic Licence file distributed with licensed com objects
.rc resource text files
.rc2 resource text files
.mk make file
.mak make file
.mc Included message table
.rc Resource script files
.reg registry files
.rtf Rich Text File (source for help files)
.tlb Type library file


Less Important Files

These files can usually be recreated from other source files. However, this is not always the case. Files should always be archived untill you are sure they are not being used as source files.

Extension Common Use
.aps Apstudio file. Binary file used by the local resource files.
.bsc Browser file
.clw Class Wizard file
.ilk Incremental linker file
.ncb This file is a binary file used by ClassView and is specific to the local machine.
.opt workspace options file
.pch pre-compiled headers
.pdb debug info database
.plg Project build log file
.res Resource semi-object file
.sbr Browser info for 1 file combined into .BSC
vcp Visual C++ state file

-- Frank Dean - 22 Nov 2002