UDF Tools


This document gives hints and tips for dealing with the UDF file system (DVD-RAM etc).


For Debian 3.1 (Sarge) -> Debian 7.x (Wheezy)

    # apt-get install udftools

Alternatively get it from http://linux-udf.sourceforge.net


In Debian 7.x (Wheezy) read /usr/share/doc/udftools/README.Debian.gz

To format a DVD-RAM disk (assuming device is /dev/pktcdvd/dvd-ram) that should be readable in Windows 2000, Mac OS 9 and Linux 2.4:

    # mkudffs --udfrev=0x0150 --media-type=dvdram --utf8 /dev/pktcdvd/dvd-ram

-- Frank Dean - 05 Oct 2014


mount -t udf -o rw,noatime /dev/pktcdvd/dvd-ram /media/cdrom0

-- Frank Dean - 05 Oct 2014

Linux Kernel 2.6 Bug

From Wikipedia Entry: Before 2.6.17, there's a bug in writing files bigger than 1GB; between 2.6.17 and 2.6.21 (inclusive), this is disabled, as a workaround; and in 2.6.22 this bug is fixed.


-- Frank Dean - 13 Mar 2007