Skype on Windows

Missed Calls

Missed calls show up in the following ways:

  • in the Windows status bar - the Skype icon shows an orange circle containing a number indicating how many missed calls there are

  • The recent calls indicator (a clock icon) in the header bar of the contacts' list is replaced by the same indicator, showing the number of missed calls

Using the status bar icon

  1. Clicking once on the Skype icon on the status bar displays a list of contacts with missed calls

  2. Click on the contact to display the contact's messages page. The list of recent messages shows the time of each missed call. Note: Once you have displayed the contact's recent messages page, Skype may no longer display the missed calls indicator in place of the recent calls indicator on the contacts' list, nor will it display the indicator against the contact

Using the contacts list

  1. Display the list of recent calls by clicking on the recent calls indicator (or the substituted missed calls indicator) - the contacts list is filtered to show only those contacts having recent calls

  2. In the contacts list, an orange circle is displayed against each contact that there are missed calls from. Click on the contact to display the list of recent messages. Note: Once the contact's recent messages page has been displayed, the missed calls indicator for the contact is no longer displayed

  3. The list of recent messages shows the time of each missed call

-- Frank Dean - 10 May 2012

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