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Rational Rose Hints and Tips

There's usually two key things to check before you start working on a Rose model.


Setting the path map

Select 'File|Edit Path Map' from the main menu. Amend the path maps to those relevant to your specific project.


Setting Default Language

From the main menu choose 'Tools|Options' and select the 'Notation' tab. Under 'Default Language' select 'Java'

Sequence Diagrams

Changing the icon displayed for the class.

  1. Select the class in the sequence diagram
  2. Select from the main menu: Format->Stereotype Display->Icon

Changing how message signatures are displayed

  1. Main menu, Tools->Options
  2. Select the digram tab
  3. Choose your preferred settings using the radio buttons in the Messages Signatures group box.


Create a text file name rose.ini containing the following single line entry and place it in either the %SystemRoot% (e.g. C:\WINNT) directory or in the 'Program Files\Rational\Rose' directory

Stop Re-validation of Model on Task Switching

This stops Rose re-validating the model each time it receives focus, i.e. when you switch between applications.

  • RefreshFilesOnAppActivateNo=

Fixing Duplicate IDs

Where a model has duplicate ids, this can be fixed by specifying FixDuplicateIdsYes in the 'Rational Rose' section of the rose.ini file.

  • [Rational Rose]
  • FixDuplicateIdsYes=

-- Frank Dean - 9 September 2003