OC4J Hints and Tips

This documents provides hints and tips for using Oracle Components for Java (OC4J) - Relates to OC4J Release 2 (version This only relates to the standalone version of OC4J and not the full Oracle 9iAS installation.

A standard installation is assumed, using default values.


  • cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/j2ee/home
  • java -jar oc4j.jar -install
  • enter password for admin user


  • cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/j2ee/home
  • java -jar oc4j.jar

Remote stop

  • cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/j2ee/home
  • java -jar admin.jar ormi://myhostname -shutdown

Remote restart

  • cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/j2ee/home
  • java -jar admin.jar ormi://myhostname -restart

-- Frank Dean - 13 May 2003