Linux Printing


You should find everything you need to get your printer working at - This site maintains a database of printers that are known, or not know, to work with Linux. Almost all printer configuration is done through a PPD file which describes the capabilities of the printer. The website also has generic instructions for setting up the printer with various spooler implementations, even without a spooler.

Managing Printers

If you can use CUPS to manager your printers, this is by far the easiest to setup and manage, at this time. The CUPS manager is available to a web-browser on port 631 of the host machine:

Hewlett Packard

When using the hpijs drivers, use hp-makeuri (in the hplip Debian package) to ascertain the correct URL to use for the printer. E.g.

  • hp-makeuri

Run without parameters for help.


-- Frank Dean - 06 Nov 2008