Knoppix Tips


These tips relate to using the Knoppix live CD (version 4.0.2) available at

Mounting knoppix.img

If you have created a persistent knoppix disk image on your compact flash, the persistent image is created as knoppix.img on your compact flash card.

You can access it without booting from a knoppix CD, by mounting it as a loop device.

  • mount /mnt/sda1/knoppix.img -t ext2 -o rw,loop=/dev/loop1 /mnt/knoppix

Create a similar image file on a FAT16 or FAT32 and mount it as ext2 with the following

  • dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/sda1/my.img bs=1 count=100M
  • mkfs.ext2 -m 0 /mnt/sda1/my.img
  • su -
  • mkdir /mnt/knx
  • mount /mnt/sda1/my.img -t ext2 -o rw,loop=/dev/loop2 /mnt/knx
  • chown -R knoppix:knoppix /mnt/knx

Cheat Codes

Various boot options can be selected using Cheat Codes. The complete list of cheat codes are included on the CD under /KNOPPIX/knoppix-cheatcodes.txt or at

Language Settings

British English

knoppix lang=uk keyboard=uk xkeyboard=gb tz=Europe/London



Fails to start with message connect to server at 'localhost' failed

If you start syslog with Menu | KNOPPIX | Services | Start SYSLOG you will see MySQL fails to recognise an 'old_passwords=1' option. This option is set in /etc/mysql/my.cnf - commenting out this option fixes the problem.

-- Frank Dean - 30 Dec 2005

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