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This document describes using Jigdo to update Debian CDs.

Jigdo is a very efficient and easy-to-use way of creating an up-to-date set of Debian install CDs. As security updates are created, Debian maintainers create new sets of install CDs which include the latest security updates. Jigdo creates ISOs, which are identical to the Debian distribution ISOs, by combining files from existing CDs, DVDs or other sources, together with downloading the new files from the normal Debian distribution mirrors.

See the 'Related Topics' at the bottom of this document for a link to the full Jigdo HOWTO for more details.

Updating Existing CDs

Download the .jigdo files relating to the CDs you want to update. Their location should be listed at:

Place the jigdo file in a directory that you are going to use to build the ISO image using Jigdo. Run jigdo on the .jigdo file, e.g.:

$ jigdo-lite debian-40r6-i386-CD-1.jigdo


$ jigdo-lite http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/5.0.4/i386/jigdo-cd/debian-504-i386-CD-1.jigdo

Jigdo will list the last 5 previous locations that have been scanned. Either enter the number of the previous location, or a new location to scan.

To scan an old CD, place it in your CD drive, then scan it by enter the location of the drive, e.g. '/cdrom'.

To scan an old ISO image, loop mount it first, (see CdBurning for instructions on loop mounting ISO images) then enter the location of the loop mount, e.g. '/mnt/jigdo'

Don't forget to also scan '/var/cache/apt/archives' which may well have recent downloads in it too.

Once you have finished scanning all previous locations for the CD image, just press 'Enter' to download any remaining files.

If this is the first occasion you've used jigdo, you will be prompted to select a mirror for downloading. Jigdo defaults to the mirror listed in your /etc/apt/sources.list file. Either enter another mirror, or press 'Enter' to accept the default.

Jigdo will finally verify the ISO image. If the checksum matches, you can burn the CD/DVD.

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-- Frank Dean - 06 Jan 2009