DLink Wireless Access Point DWL-900AP+


This document contains notes relating to the DLink DWL-900AP+ Revision B1

Recovering a Dead DWL-900AP+

The DWL-900AP+ has a crash recovery mode that is either automatically invoked when a fault is detected during the boot procedure, or can be manually invoked with the following procedure:

  1. Connect a PC to the device using either a cross-over cable between the two, or via two standard cables and a hub in between
  2. Power off the device by removing the power connector at the rear
  3. Depress the reset button at the rear using a paper clip and keep it depressed
  4. Power the device by replacing the power connector
  5. Keep the paper clip depressed for about 5 to 10 seconds
  6. Wait about a minute for the device to reboot
  7. Access using a web browser to the factory default of which will display the firmware upload page
  8. Use the web interface to browse for and upload appropriate firmware drivers for your device - download these from one of the DLink support sites. I got mine from ftp://ftp.dlink.co.uk/wireless/dwl-900ap+revbx/
  9. Once the upload completes, the firmware upgrade page is redisplayed
  10. Close the browser
  11. Re-open the web browser to the factory default of and you should see the normal admin access pages

I tried this a number of times before it actually worked. It worked after I tried uploading an older firmware, but I was later able to upgrade to the firmware that had apparently failed to work earlier.


-- Frank Dean - 06 Nov 2006

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