Cell Phone Hints

Vodafone (UK)

Show IMEI Number


Show Assigned Telephone Number



Mailbox Number

When in the UK


When you are abroad you will get a text message when a voicemail is left. The text message tells you to call a number, this is your mailbox number.

Make sure you setup a pin code before leaving the UK. Call 121 and select option 4 then option 2, then listen to the options.

Voicemail Off


Voicemail On


Immediately go to Voicemail


Turn off Immediately go to Voicemail


Change Voicemail Answer Delay

Turns on voicemail and sets delay to <secs> where <secs> is one of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 and <mailbox_number> is your mailbox number in international format.


For example - **61*+447774477000*10*30# SEND would set it at 30 seconds.

Check divert status


Pay monthly

Check balance

Dial 191 and follow prompts, currently options 1 -> 1 -> 1

Pay as you talk

Check balance


Access Point Names (APNs)

Article re the difference between "WAP" and "Contract Internet" APNs:


    -- Frank Dean - 27 Feb 2010


-- Frank Dean - 08 Nov 2006

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